Completed funding of 730 million yen in Series A round.

Utilizing bioinformatics foundational technology, we are embarking on the development of a high-performance enzyme library called 'digzyme Designed Library'.

Overview of this fundraising:
We have raised a total of 730 million yen through a third-party allotment increase mainly from Series A 1st & 2nd close, along with loans and the acceptance of the NEDO Deep Tech Startup Support Program (DTSU) STS phase. This funding will accelerate our business development.

Development and Achievements So Far:
We have already developed two powerful information analysis platforms, "digzyme Moonlight" and "digzyme Spotlight". These platforms enable rapid exploration and modification of enzymes tailored to specific needs. So far, we have accumulated achievements mainly in the field of chemical processes, focusing on bio-process development, particularly utilizing precision fermentation for alternative production of natural substances and petrochemicals, as well as waste decomposition.

Development in Series A:
In this series of developments, the focus is particularly on the production of a high-functioning enzyme library, called the "digzyme Designed Library," with industrial enzymes as the endpoint. Industrial enzymes find various applications across industries such as food, chemicals, laundry detergents, textiles, biomass energy, animal feed, agriculture, in vitro diagnostics, and research. Particularly, enzymes are utilized for substance synthesis through enzymatic methods (cell-free systems), garnering attention as a promising segment for further product markets in the future.

We have already established a new framework for our food business and initiated collaboration with business entities.

Related news:For the development and commercialization of novel functional materials through enzymatic processes from carbohydrate raw materials, digzyme, Inc. has entered into a business partnership agreement with Fuji Nihon Seito Corporation.
Related news:Takuo Miyauchi has been appointed as the Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer (CSMO), and he will drive business initiatives in the food industry.

The background of the industry and what can be achieved with this development:
Many industrial enzymes are mass-produced by purifying the supernatant after culturing microorganisms. Traditional development of industrial enzymes often involves manufacturing using natural microorganisms, relying heavily on trial and error, and being prone to chance discoveries. As a result, it typically takes 5 to 10 years for research, production development, and mass production combined to introduce a single product to market, making it challenging to adapt to the diversified needs of recent years. By utilizing design technologies through bioinformatics, we have been able to shorten the period required for basic research, such as enzyme discovery, to approximately one-fourth.

Our next step is to develop the "digzyme Designed Library" as a solution to accelerate production development. This will help shorten the period required for both basic research and production development. Additionally, by enabling easy testing of novel enzyme products, we will embark on business development starting from application development tailored to specific needs.

Press release:We have successfully completed a Series A round funding of 730 million yen.

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