Discover the Enzymes
That Change the World.

We are an enzyme development platform company.
We actively transform enzyme development, which used to rely on chance, into proactive enzyme design with data analysis, and contribute to all business growth centered around enzymes.

Enzymes are actually transforming
our world significantly.

Enzymes are a type of biomolecule that participate in various chemical reactions involving different compounds. For instance, certain enzymes enhance the texture of food, while others are adept at removing stains from clothing. Some enzymes can even artificially produce natural substances, or facilitate the breakdown of waste materials, and the list goes on. Each enzyme with its specific function has the power to significantly change the world.

Enzyme development used to depend on
luck or random chance

To develop enzymes, it's necessary to first find the genes that match the intended purpose. However, finding these genes often requires an overwhelming amount of trial and error. In fact, most of the enzymes that are actively used in various industries were discovered by chance. This means that enzyme development has traditionally been a game of waiting for serendipity, leading to high development costs and making it a challenging task.

Instead of waiting for chance, actively seek out.
Enzymes don't come to us, we go after it.

Digzyme's proprietary technology has revolutionized the enzyme development process, which used to rely on chance. Leveraging a vast accumulation of life science research data from around the world, we have developed the capability to efficiently design genes for enzymes suitable for industrial applications. Furthermore, by deploying the designed enzymes as a library, we swiftly move from screening to manufacturing.

Deciphering Diverse Research Data with Unique Analytical Techniques
Designed Library™ for Enzyme Through Analytical Techniques

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Expanding Solutions of Digzyme

Digzyme's solutions continue to expand from analysis based on core technology to production. We offer individual solutions as well, so please feel free to contact us.

Enzyme Development Consulting

Offering consulting for new business development centered around enzymes. Our consulting integrates bioinformatics analysis to provide comprehensive support.

Finding, Improving, and Collecting Enzymes

Enzyme design using bioinformatics. We provide everything from searching for the right enzymes to creating a tailor-made enzyme library (digzyme Designed Library™) suited for industrial applications.

Producing Enzymes and Compounds

Research and development services aimed at the production and sale of enzymes and compounds. We collaborate with you in developing production processes that allow for the optimal quantity and scale of manufacturing.

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We are an enzyme development platform company contributing to all business growth centered around enzymes.


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