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Naoki Watarai

Co-founder, CEO

While studying at Tokyo Institute of Technology, co-founded digzyme, Inc. and assumed the role of CEO. Graduated with a Ph.D.

Yuya Nakamura

Co-founder, CTO

Co-founded digzyme, Inc. during his tenure at Tokyo Institute of Technology, serving as the CTO. Post-Ph.D., gained research and development experience at Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Takuji Yamada

Co-founder, CSO

Graduated with a Ph.D. from Kyoto University. Concurrently serves as an Associate Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology and Vice President and CTO at Metagen Inc., while co-founding digzyme, Inc. as the CSO.

Satoshi Izumi


Completed a Master's degree at Tokyo Institute of Technology. Experienced in technology and business development at Ricoh Company, Ltd. and Tech Accel Ventures LLC, before joining digzyme, Inc. as the Executive Officer and COO.

Takuo Miyauchi

Director CSMO

Graduated from Okayama University Faculty of Law and holds a master's MBA (Business Administration) from Nagoya University of Commerce. For 20 years starting in 1986, he worked at Hayashibara Co., Ltd., a saccharification manufacturer, to develop the market for the new carbohydrate trehalose, contributing to the creation of a foundation for commercial success. After that, he held management positions at multiple foreign companies, including Novozymes Japan and head of the food and beverage division, before becoming digzyme director and CSMO in 2024.

Company Profile

Company Name digzyme, Inc
Headquarters Address 〒105-0004
5th Floor, Shimbashi Yanagiya Building, 1-16-6 Shimbashi, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-0004, Japan
Establishment August 26, 2019
Management Team CEO Naoki Watarai
Director Yuya Nakamura
Director Takuji Yamada
Executive Officer Satoshi Izumi
Capital 100,000,000 JPY
Business Activities Enzyme engineering through bioinformatics
Development of bioprocesses for compound production and decomposition


Shimbashi Headquarters

5th Floor, Shimbashi Yanagiya Building, 1-16-6 Shimbashi, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-0004, Japan

Kasai Laboratory

Room 306, Mitsui Link Lab Kasai, 1-16-13 Kitakasai, Edogawa-ku,
Tokyo 134-0081, Japan


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