Our company’s representative appeared on the radio program “Entrepreneur’s Feelings.”

From April 23rd to May 7th, 2024, spanning three weeks, our CEO Naoki Watarai appeared on the radio program "Entrepreneur's Feelings."

"Entrepreneur's Feelings" invites representatives of companies supported by Mobile Internet Capital Co., Ltd. (MIC) as guests to share their entrepreneurial stories and their dedication to business management.

●Regarding the broadcasts of the first and second weeks

Naoki Watarai discusses topics such as:

  • Challenges in the biotech industry
  • Reasons for choosing the path of an entrepreneur instead of a research career
  • Future developments targeted by digzyme as "the enzyme professionals"

●Regarding the broadcast of the third week

In a dialogue format with MIC capitalist Kyosuke Kimoto:

  • Reflecting on five years since founding
  • Discussing the decisive factors in MIC's investment in digzyme

MIC, which has focused its investments primarily in the digital technology sector, is now starting to emphasize investments in areas where deep technology intersects with digital technology to solve societal challenges.

Mr. Kimoto from MIC describes digzyme as having "clearly outstanding technological capabilities." Discover the future that both companies are aiming for together.

Please enjoy the discussion.

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