We were interviewed by the open innovation media “DG Lab Haus” to satisfy intellectual curiosity.

Mr. Naoki Watarai, our CEO and representative director (hereinafter referred to as "Watarai"), was interviewed by the open innovation media "DG Lab Haus" to satisfy intellectual curiosity.

■What is"DG Lab Haus"?

"DG Lab Haus" is a media for those with a strong intellectual curiosity about cutting-edge technology. It delivers news from the forefront of open innovation around the world, capturing insights into the future as discussed by industry leaders, through five perspectives: "Blockchain," "VR/AR," "Artificial Intelligence," "Security," and "Biotechnology." (Quote from the official DG Lab Haus website)

■ Article Title: "Digzyme's Challenge to Innovate Using Enzymes, Reducing Research and Development Time by Over 75%"

Mr. Watarai discusses the founding history, strengths of our solutions, and current efforts focused on business growth, as well as the current status and future outlook. Please take a look.

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